March 2023 update

CSFBL Rebranding

  • links will forward to
  • Updating logo
  • Updated social media pages
  • Emails changing to - old emails will forward to the new addresses

Game Page Updates

  • Adding date simmed to box score.
  • Adding direct navigation to previous game/next game/standings.

Team Creation Improvements

  • Quality of newly created teams will more closely resemble long-running leagues.
  • New teams will begin at much more similar quality levels than the past.
  • New leagues will have more controls for initial league setup - amount of prospects on teams, size of free agents.
  • Default salary cap of $60 million for new leagues - varies based on prospect/free agent choices.

Spoiler Fixes

  • Delaying when WS congratulations email is sent.
  • Returning ‘Playoffs in Progress’ message to franchise page.

Personal Leagues v2 - Sandbox

  • Personal League will be rebranded to Sandbox.
  • Users can choose a different Sandbox team each week.
  • Season length will be shorter and will start immediately.
  • Reworking welcome page organization for new users with no teams
  • Adding option to hide Sandbox from user home page

Additional Updates

  • Adding Free Agent News items when players you bid on sign with another team
  • Adapting Draft lottery to work with leagues of any size *Updating League Pause Logic - Leagues under 40% ownership will be paused at the flip

Bug fixes

  • Fixed situational stats (Close & Late, Scoring Position) that were not calculating for pitchers. *Fixed missing retirement announcement in news. *Fixed error where SO/BB ratio was rounding off *Fixed team create UI issues *Fixed division/conference name display for alternative league formats