February 2023 update - scheduled for Monday @ ~1pm EST

New Game Page

  • A new look game page with box score and play-by-play in a single-page application. This is the start of swapping out old and new pages, modernizing the look of the site that you will see from time to time. Here's a Sneak peak.

Retirement process improvements

  • Older players were avoiding retirement more than intended. You’ll still see a few guys getting up there in age, but not as many.
  • Player retirement checks will occur at the beginning of the postseason, at the same time as the calculation of next season’s salary - giving you advance knowledge of what your roster will look like and cost next year.

“Overbids” will no longer decay

  • Money spent over base salary to sign a free agency (overbid) will no longer decay over time. A player’s base salary may adjust up and down, but the overbid will remain the same until he returns to free agency. (This was delayed from last month’s release to give owners with existing overbids some time to adjust.)

PSFAs adjustments

  • PSFA creation reverted to earlier settings - generally younger and more skilled than average created players.

Rate stats based on length of season

  • Per-160 game rates returned for normal length leagues.

AAA roster limit removed

  • This limit is leftover from times when AAA impacted development. AAA is simply a way to organize players - when hard cap is implemented, AAA players will be designated for release first. As such, getting rid of this limit increases flexibility for users to organize their players.

Draft List size varies based on league size

  • Adapting the draft as we begin to have different size leagues - ex. 8 team leagues will have 27 player draft list.

New League formats beginning to roll out

  • New alignments - Lightsabers and Blasters/Classic Rock League both using 2 12-team conferences, with adjusted schedule to match.
  • New league size - The Octagon is an 8-team league, and will use the variable size draft for the first time.

Bug fixes

  • Calculation of career GB/FB and SA fixed
  • PBP text error fixes
  • Scroll bars added to unusually long dropdown lists
  • Owned teams no longer show disabled ‘take over’ button
  • Fixed error where trade news showed inaccurate players

Behind the Scenes

It might not be visible to users yet, but a lot of work has gone into modernizing our technology and improving our abilities to market in the near future.

Foundations of upcoming free agency/financial updates have been built, while we work on a new financial reporting page for organizing team information.