January 2023 update

Development/Aging updates

  • Players will reach peak development for each rating 3 to 5 years earlier, on average.
  • Higher % of ratings will reach their full potential.
  • Players will remain at peak rating 1 to 2 years longer, on average.
  • Players will decline in a natural curve vs. current very long tail to their career.
  • Draft List impact: The older the prospect, the clearer the impact of development changes.

Summary Aging Data and Sample Draft Lists

Free Agency changes

  • Free Agent offer decision logic has been updated
    • Players will always accept the highest offer at the time of signing. Ties are settled with a coin flip.
    • Players have a chance to sign on any sim between 12 and 24 hours from their first offer, independent of the size of the offers. If not yet signed at 24 hours, the player will sign on the next sim.
    • Reminder - No player will sign in the first 24 hours after the season flip, and players automatically sign on the last day of the regular season.

Overbid change delayed for a future related update.

  • Overbid bonuses no longer decay over time. The bonus paid to players stays with them until released.

Personal Leagues

  • Every user is able to create a personal league.
  • We are building out this feature to give new users a chance to play on their first visit to the site.
  • Specs for personal leagues:
    • 4 teams (yours and three AI teams)
    • 36 game season, 2 team playoff
    • All teams and players are fully preset
    • Transactions, draft, and other multiplayer features disabled
  • Users are able to simulate games for these leagues ‘on demand’ - outside of the normal sim time frames.
  • Every Sunday at 5 AM ET, leagues will flip to a new season only if the current season is ended.
  • New seasons have the same players and teams – but they do not age, they do not retire, they are immortal.

Salary demand changes

  • On the last day of the regular season, players set their salary demands for the following season.
  • “Projected Salary” is going away. “Next Season Salary” will display in its place after the player’s demand has been set. You will know with 100% accuracy what your players will cost next season.
  • Next Season Salary becomes the player’s current salary when the new season starts.

Style updates

  • Welcome page, banners, and background color have been updated.

Bug fixes

  • OBP calculated wrong on League Leaders page.
  • Current Playoffs Extended stats calculated wrong (SA, SO/9, BB/9, SO/BB).
  • Some players with below rookie minimums were registering +1 experience.