December 2022 update

Site updates coming Monday, December 19, downtime expected at 4pm EST. Many of this month's updates are behind the scenes, as we work to add future flexibility to leagues and sim processes. Here are changes that may be immediately visible to users:

Added PSFA options
Leagues that use pre-season free agents (PSFAs) will now be able to create up to 100 PSFAs in a season. Leagues can also choose whether PSFAs will be major league players (all ages), or minor league players (draft age players, age 17-23).

Change to auto free-agent signings
Auto free-agent signings occur in situations where teams go below roster minimums, either in multiplayer trades or due to retirements. AI teams (unowned) sign the best free agent available by overall rating, but owned teams will now sign the worst free agent available by overall rating (these signings are meant to fill gaps, not give your team a random boost).