Tournament of Champions II Update

The second Tournament of Champions is happening this Spring

This is a way for us to say thanks to our loyal users with a nice prize - $250 and a sweet Championship Ring - seen here. Last year, people met some new faces and tried out new ways to play and generally had a good time - join us.

This is a promotional contest purely intended to provide some fun for folks that are interested - absolutely no entry fee required.

Invites are going out to the top Qualifiers, when the player pool has been locked in, we'll get this started.

Qualification Rules Refresher

TOC II Tournament Format

The Leagues

  • Four 8-team leagues - the two WS participants in each league are merged into one Final Table, with the winner declared Tournament Champion.

  • These are actual 8-team leagues. This is a change from last year as we have added the ability to run smaller leagues and don't have to work with unowned teams.

  • Users are grouped by where the want to coordinate the draft (Forums or Discord), and randomly after that.

The Draft

  • The season begins with a full team draft, to get everyone as close to equal footing as we can make it. This is a 24-round, serpentine draft, with the draft order determined by random draw.

  • Every player in the league will be dropped to free agency at the outset, and that free agent list is the draft board to choose your players from.

  • The draft can take about a week to complete, with each owner usually making multiple picks a day.

  • Keeping things moving - We will help leagues facilitate these drafts to the best of our abilities. The reason that leagues are limited to 8 managers each is to keep the drafts at a manageable length. We're all busy folks - if a league feels their draft is moving too slowly, we'll reserve the right to implement a 12-hour maximum clock before auto-picks are assigned, and will replace an owner if they repeatedly receiving auto-picks.

  • There is no trading or free agency involved in the league - you draft your team, you run your team, bing bang boom.


Q - Can I rename my team? A -Yes please do.

Q - Is there still a new league fatigue bug that gives the very first starter more rest than normal? A - As far as I know, yes.

Q - Is there really a $75 million salary cap A - No, there is no salary cap, you can spend as much as you can on 24 players, and everybody gets a scrub #25

Q - How do playoffs work? A - In first round, top 4 teams make the playoffs, and then winners of the first round make the Final Table. At Final Table, top 4 teams make the playoffs, and two round playoffs determines the champ.

Q - Can we trade? A - No trading.

Q - Why is the draft 24 players? A - Even number of rounds, everyone gets a chance to start the same number of rounds in serpentine draft. 25th player is a 50k scrub.