November 2022 update

Site updates coming Monday, November 28th, downtime expected at 2pm EST

Double Play adjustments
Double play rates have historically been high in CSFBL and is seen most dramatically in Dead Ball Era with higher ground ball rates than the CSFBL Classic model. We pulled extensive MLB historical data (with the help of rentforfree) and have adjusted both the Free Agent and Dead Ball Era sim models to reflect more accurate double play rates. The CSFBL Classic model will not be impacted by this change, to match the efforts to maintain CSFBL Classic continuity.

Testing impacts show 50-60% reduction in ground balls rates, with a related 5-10% increase in runs per game in those sims.

Salary Adjustments
Extended the period when potential ratings impact salary calculations, to smooth the curve of salary progression for younger players.

UI Changes
Pages adjusted to reflect the recently increased flexibility in league and playoff structure. Some draft dates have shifted in the process.

Previous - Draft list available 4/15, Draft occurred 5/21 to 7/31
Now - Draft list available 4/25, Draft occurs 5/19 to 7/29

Improved Authorization process
We are switching user authorization to a secure authorization platform that will allow more flexibility in login/password management. You will see a slightly different login screen when logging in for the first time in the new system, but should otherwise not experience any noticeable changes.

Experience and Rookie minimum adjustments
At-Bat and Innings Pitched thresholds are now based on the number of games per season, to adapt to schedule flexibility.

Previous - PA = 130 PA, IP = 50
Now - AB = Number of Games x .8, IP = Number of Games x .3

All-Star Changes

All-Stars will be awarded by conference instead of division, as part of the shift in division/conference flexibility. At some point in the future, we will try to add an all-star game and the awards will be organized to feed into that system.

25 All-Stars per conference - 14 position players and 11 pitchers Distribution:

1 x 8 positions = 8
1 C = 9 (next best C)
1 middle infielder = 10 (next best 2b or ss)
1 corner infielder = 11 (next best 1b or 3b)
2 outfielders (any position) = 13 (next two best cf, rf, or lf)
1 next best, any position = 14
7 starting pitchers = 21
4 relievers = 25