October 2022 Update

This Wednesday, October 26 CSFBL be offline at 3pm for site updates; we are hoping to be back by the 6PM EDT sims.

There are two big elements to this update.

League Flexibility

In the continued effort to add flexibility for league creators, changes are happening to what we can do with division and conference structures, and playoff formats - along with recent additions to schedule options and making it easier for teams to move from one conference to the other, the building blocks are there for thinking about new leagues, and we'll continue to build on this more.

Conference/Division Formats

Choose the number of conferences/divisions at league creation (leagues still restricted to 24 teams/equal numbers in divisions at present)


  • Number of conferences: 1 or 2
  • Number of divisions: 1, 2, or 4


For now, admins will have to create leagues with different conference/division structures than the typical 2 conference, 2 divisions per conference structure.

Playoff Formats

Choose the number of teams that make the playoffs per division - if you want one, two, or three round playoffs, you can make that happen.


  • Number of teams that make the playoffs per division: 1, 2, 4, or 8


Playoff format can be changed anytime, and will go into effect the next season – setting available to commissioners on League Settings page.

Rating Display options

Choose how your league would like to display player actuals and potentials, including options for numbers and letters, different ranges, and different levels of precision. If you want exact information on all players, or some level of imprecision - those controls are in leagues hands now. Options for different ranges also available - if you prefer the MLB 20-80 player range, we have the technology.


  • Range of Current/Potential Ratings: Letters, Numbers 1-100, 10-90, 20-80
  • Precision of Current/Potential Ratings: 1, 5, 10

More Detail on 'Range' options:
1-100 - Current CSFBL range
20-80 - MLB style scouting range, 100 in the current settings maps to 80 in this setting, and the rest are scaled down from there. 10-90 works the same way, with slightly large range.


Ratings Display format can be changed in the preseason - setting available to commissioners on League Settings page

More Detail on 'Precision' options
1 – Accurate rating
5 – Rating rounded to the nearest 5
10 – Rating rounded to the nearest 10

Example – A player with an 83 in Power.
1 precision – PO 83
5 precision – PO 85
10 precision – PO 80

  • Note - If league has scouting on, precision rounds to the scouted rating.

All of the above league options should be visible on the League home page.

To find out more:

You can see Zubaz and MHardy discussed these updates on YouTube - https://youtu.be/3SoAS3vpO7k

You can also see some screenshots of the updates in action on the Community Hub - https://blogs.basehit.com/2022/10/22/october-updates/


INTERESTED in starting a league with some of these options, or have others in mind? Talk to us about your ideas for league options and we will see what we can do. Some things are easier to accomplish than others, but we are putting together the building blocks towards more and more flexibility, and want to build things that users can build with.