September 2022 Update

September 2022 update, downtime expected at 5pm EDT, 9/28/2022. Sims expected to resume by 9pm EDT, 9/28/2022

Updates and bug fixes

  • Improved Layout of Ratings on draft page, to make actuals/potentials for ratings easier to see together. Also fixed centering of potential ratings on this page.
  • Revamped Team Swap feature - Community managers and admins can more easily assist leagues with moving teams from one division to another, useful for Relegation Leagues and other future league flexibility - (this must be done between the WS and flip, contact a CM and plan to pause your league at that time to ensure they can make it happen). Some additional refreshing of League Settings (formerly League Management) page for commissioners.
  • Added Balanced Schedule type - Implemented for the upcoming contest, teams will play four Home and Away games versus teams in their division, and three Home and Away games versus teams in the other conference. If you have ideas for other schedule types your league would use, talk to us.
  • Fixed Play-by-Play bug incorrectly showing groundballs to first base out at home.
  • Updated League Management header to match rest of site.

On the Horizon

There is architectural work going on behind the scenes to enable us to provide more league design flexibility, that you will begin to see over the coming months. We will also be working to make more of the recent changes to the site into league options as we continue to work through user feedback. More to come on these topics soon...

As always, thank you for playing CSFBL.