September 2022 - Lineup Lockdown Contest Details

Introducing the Lineup Lockdown - the first of many new game formats built on top of the CSFBL engine. We're debuting this with a contest - winner gets $100* as a thank you for helping us try out this new format.

  • Pick your team (everybody has the same list of players to choose from)
  • Set it for the season (lineups, depth charts, manager settings, stadium)
  • Sit back and watch them play (24 games per day!!! A season done in a week)

Easy peasy, right? Read on....and submit your entry here when you are ready - Lineup Lockdown

Official Lineup Lockdown Rules & Regs

Every registered user to log into CSFBL from 1/1/2022 - 9/14/2022 is eligible to submit one entry for this contest. (No purchase necessary - entry is free)

This is a roster game - you pick the best team you can from a pool of players shared with everyone else. This is not a draft - everyone has the same access to every player, so some players are going to exist on multiple teams in the contest and even in your league.

  • You will choose you team of 25 players from a pool of 100, player details and entry form found here at Lineup Lockdown entry form (a spreadsheet version of the player data to work with, it can be found HERE).
  • The player pool is divided into 8 rounds, with increasing numbers of picks as you go - the 0/2 by round 1 means you have 2 guys left to pick that round.
    • Rds 1-2: 2 picks
    • Rds 3-6: 3 picks
    • Rd 7: 4 picks
    • Rd 8: 5 picks
  • You must pick 11 pitchers and 14 position players to be able to submit a valid entry.

That's it for roster regulations. You've got lots of space to make the team that you want - if you want to draft eight catchers, or go all-in on speedsters that's up to you, but penalties for playing out of position will apply, so choose wisely.


  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59PMEDT on Sunday 9/25/22 - that link one more time -
  • Entries much be submitted with the email address you have registered with CSFBL, to confirm eligible users. You'll receive a confirmation email when we get your entry.
  • You can submit an updated roster if you change your mind after your first submission - only the last received submission will be used as your official entry.

League setup

  • After we have received all entries, you'll be randomly assigned to a league, and your team roster will be built to the specs of your entry.
  • You'll receive an email when your team has been added to your franchise.
  • In the likely event that the number of entries doesn’t result in totally full leagues (isn’t divisible by 24), we'll balance the number of entries across leagues and fill in empty spots with ‘house teams’ chosen by Zubaz, Hardy, Clone, Brian, or randomized entries…. as needed. (They aren’t eligible to win the contest, but they still want to beat you.)

Team Management

  • This is a 'set it and forget' contest, hence the 'lockdown' part of the name. All management decisions (lineups, pitching rotations, stadium settings, manager settings, depth charts) must be made in the preseason. You'll have a three-day preseason after all teams have been dispensed when you can make those management choices.
  • Once the preseason ends, the admins will take back control of all the teams to ensure that no changes can be made during the season.

Season Format

  • First round - all entires, Second round - Final Table of top 24 teams from the first round.
  • Teams play a full 160 game season. (Playoff games do not count towards this)
  • All the leagues will be ranked together to determine the 24 users that advance. Ranking determined by the following:
    • Won/Loss record
    • If tied, highest run differential (Runs Scored - Runs Allowed)
    • If tied, highest order of finish in individual league
    • If tied, earliest date of registration on

  • The Final Table will follow the same rules as the first round, but working off a new player pool. In the final round, if there is a tie for first by Won/Loss record, those users will split the prize.

Additional Rules and League Settings

  • This game is focused on roster makeup and your ability to plan for the specs of this game - you'll have to plan for not being able to touch your team all season. No trading, free agency, minor leagues, drafting - just 25 players on each team that must stay there.
  • Sim Rate: 24 games per day - the entire season will run in a little over a week.
  • Free Agent Era Sim Model
  • Scouting Off (full information)
  • Stadium Changes are allowed until the preseason deadline
  • All players salaries are the same (Age/Salary not going to help you)

We expect to learn a lot from running this for the first time, and we'll adjust as needed in the future. That said, there can only be one Inaugural Champ - let it be you.

If you have any questions, you can PM citizenclone for more information. As questions come in, we'll add them to this doc.

We also have a forum set-up to discuss, feel free to ask questions over there.

  • *LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is a promotional contest that's free to enter and designed to introduce folks to a new feature, and should thus be legal through the US, but contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law should any issue arise. Per an overabundance of caution, we have added additional tiebreaker criteria to ensure that no random draw will ever be necessary to determine qualifying for the final round. Odds of winning will be determined by the number of entries, and will be announced at the end of the entry deadline. Winner(s) will be announced upon completion of the second round of the contest.


What scouting model are we using? What is the sim-model? Scouting Off (Full information) / Free Agent sim model.

Can I change my stadium? Yes, stadium changes allowed at same time you are handling the rest of your settings in the preseason.

I haven't played the Free Agent model, how is it different? Slugging and Range a bit less powerful than the past, contact and control a bit valuable. We have multiple leagues that have multiple season in FA Model now if you want to research -

Can I save my entry and change it later You can submit another entry if you change your mind later, the last submission will be considered the official entry. We don't currently have the ability to save/edit the same submission, but it is on the list for the future.