August 2022 update

August 2022 update, downtime expected at 7pm EDT, 8/11/2022. Sims will resume 9am EDT, 8/12/2022

Player Development Updates

  • Variation in peak/decline ages and Rating-specific development levels both designed to ensure all types of player careers are possible.
  • Clearer Risk/Reward model at draft time.
  • Draft List adjustments to ensure more players of interest.
  • Low Minors bonus adjustment returning to similar LM impact of the past.

NOTE: All added ratings will be set to average for existing players, and will only begin with newly generated players post-update.

Extensive testing of these changes show average actual/potential ratings of starters equal or slightly higher than current leagues - many more details in the documentation linked below.

Additional updates and bug fixes

  • Range calculation adjustment to more accurately factor in innings played instead of assuming 9 inning games - extra inning games matter.
  • Potential ratings will no longer change in situations where actuals exceed potentials - think of potential ratings as 'draft assessments' and those don't change, even if you turn out better than they said you would.
  • Runner advancement missing from PbP bug fixed
  • Change position displaying incorrect ratings in dropdown bug fixed
  • Inconsistent potential ratings on draft history bug fixed

Looking for more details?

Further details found here - August 2022 Update

Condensed version - August 2022 Update TL;DR version