July 2022 update

July 2022 update expected at 1pm, 7/28/222. No downtime expected.

Post-USB adjustments

  • Normalization for all sim models now includes range. Normalization is the process of adjusting players' effective ratings based on league average ratings, and was previously used only the big four ratings for pitchers (PO/FI/CO/SY) and batters (DI/CN/BA/SL).

  • CSFBL Classic model has been additionally updated to more closely match pre-USB offensive production numbers.

Testing of these two adjustments have shown noticeable increases in offense, bringing results in line with our model targets. CSFBL Classic leagues should expect results closer to pre-USB sitewide averages, but the variation league-to-league will be smaller.

NOTE: This is a legacy model intended only for existing leagues - any current Free Agent/Dead Ball leagues wishing to switch back to CSFBL Classic must make that choice on their League Management page before 9/1/2022.

Additional updates

  • Computer-managed teams have been updated to more aggressively adjust minor league rosters, to ensure unowned teams do not miss draft picks because of full low minors.

  • Bench coach control labels corrected to more accurately reflect different functionality from pitching controls.

Looking for more details?

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