Sim Models

Part of the joy of BaseHit is the ability to simulate different eras of baseball, matching the changes in baseball throughout history. There are three current simulation models in BaseHit with more planned in the future.

If you are looking to join a league in any of these eras, you can check the Choosing a League page to find available teams, or if looking to create a league in the Free Agent or Dead Ball eras, check out the details for Creating a New League.

How Sim Models influence the game

The sim model chosen for a league affects more than just the outcome of at-bats.

  • Player ratings don't change based on the model, only the impact of the ratings on gameplay. For example, hitting home runs is much less common in the Dead Ball Era than in the Free Agent Era; the result is that a player with a Slugging of 60 who may hit 7 home runs a year in a Dead Ball Era league may hit 20 in Free Agent Era league. The rating doesn't change, just how it impact gameplay.

  • The impact of ratings on overall ratings and salaries will vary depending on the era. For example, Slugging (hitting home runs) is less valuable in the Dead Ball Era, where even the best players hit fewer home runs, than it is in the Free Agent Era; as a result, the Slugging rating will have a smaller impact on a player's overall rating and salary in the Dead Ball Era.

Free Agent Era

This sim model is based around MLB between 1977-1993, a time when free agency took hold and changed the dynamics of the game. It is a generally well-balanced era, where neither pitching nor hitting dominated the game.

Dead Ball Era

Modeled after the early days of MLB at the turn of the century, 1901-1919, the Dead Ball era is a time when pitchers dominated the game, home runs were few and far between, and there was a wider disparity between the highest and lowest value players in the league.

CSFBL Classic

This is the game model that was in place for many years when the site was CSFBL and was the only option until the June 2022 update. It is loosely based on baseball in the 1980s. There are numerous "quirks" to this model which many veteran players have figured out over the years, notably in the area of defensive Range. Existing leagues that were around prior to the June 2022 update can remain on this model, but new leagues can not be created using this model. The closest model to this is the Free Agent Era model.