Sim Models

In BaseHit, you have the opportunity to simulate different eras of baseball history, capturing the changes that occurred in the sport over time. Currently, there are three simulation models available, with more to come in the future.

Joining a League:

  • If you're interested in joining a league set in any of these eras, you can visit the Choosing a League page to see the available teams.
  • For those looking to create a league specifically in the Free Agent or Dead Ball eras, detailed information can be found in the Creating a New League section.

How Simulation Models Impact the Game:

The simulation model chosen for a league has a significant influence on gameplay beyond just the outcomes of at-bats.

  • Player Performance: Raw player ratings themselves do not change based on the mode, but the impact of these ratings on gameplay varies. A player with a Slugging rating of 60 might hit only 7 home runs in a Dead Ball Era league but could hit 20 in a Free Agent Era league.
  • Overall Ratings and Salaries: The value of player ratings in determining overall ratings and salaries depends on the era. In the example above, Slugging (hitting home runs) will have has less influence on a player's overall rating and salary compared to the Free Agent Era.

Simulation Models Overview:

  • Free Agent Era
    • Based on MLB between 1977-1993, a period marked by the rise of free agency.
    • Balanced gameplay with neither pitching nor hitting dominating the game.
  • Dead Ball Era:
    • Modeled after the early days of MLB from 1901-1919.
    • Pitchers had the upper hand, home runs were scarce, and there was a significant gap in player values.
  • CSFBL Classic:
    • The original game model from the CSFBL site, used prior to the June 2022 update.
    • Loosely based on baseball in the 1980s and known for its unique quirks, particularly the high value of defensive Range.