The Umpire Strikes Back - Frequently Asked Questions

What do the grades map to in current numbers

See Player Ratings (overview).

How are position changes different?

You can now have a player change positions at any time, with some restrictions, once per year, and automatic position changes due to playing time no longer happen. Find our more details at Playing out of position & position changes.

How do the overall ratings vary depending on the era the league is playing in?

See Sim Models.

The potentials that we see, are they the same with league scouting on and league scouting off?

Not necessarily, but they could be in some circumstances. Potentials are defined at the time of player creation, and you see them based on the league scouting setting.

What ratings are included in the summary ratings (Overall and Potential)?

See Player Ratings (Overview).

Why did you remove R/L from the UI?

The R/L (Righty/Lefty) rating still exists and is used in gameplay, but it is now a hidden rating. We believe that making it not visible presents an easier to understand gameplay and puts the value of platooning into the hands of owners who want to take the time to research data and find (and benefit from) the outliers, similar to how real baseball scouting and player evaluation works.

I had full scouting before the change, and no scouting now, but ratings changed. Why?

There are situations where you see ratings change slightly. This happens for one main reason: the old "full scouting" wasn't necessarily 100% accurate. Often, yes, but not always, and not quite predictably. We've always said the old scouting system was broken and needed to be fixed, this is yet another one of the reasons why we changed it.

Projected salaries are going down, why?

Salaries will be recalculated at the flip, and are down an average 10-15% from the previous salary algorithm. Salaries may show additional adjustments when leagues change Scouting or Era settings.
See Player Data

How did player development change?

Development levels are based on a standard level of development for all players, a player's internal development tendencies, and a small low minors development bonus. See Player Development