Creating a new league

BaseHit has many options for league creation, and we appreciate our users who want to try different experiences for building their baseball dynasties.

Public Leagues

There will always be public leagues available for each Sim Model to join. "Create a Team" is in the Teams dropdown in the toolbar. Follow the prompts to find the next available public leagues in each era.

Private Leagues

Before making a private league request, you must find at least 18 people who are ready and willing to join the league. Solicitations for new owners can go in the League Announcements forum or the League Announcements channel on Discord.

Once you have the owners, make your private league request in the Community Requests forum.

Please include:

  • A link to the thread where people have stated their interest in signing up
  • The name of the new league.
  • Whether you would like us to generate the teams that owners will take, or whether you plan on having owners create their own teams
  • The names of the league commissioners. These people will have access to manage league settings and have limited managerial controls over all teams in the league. (We recommend at least one other Commissioner aside from yourself.)
  • What sub forums you would like for the leagues forum.
  • Whether you'll need a free agent pool created for the initial league setup. If you do want a free agent pool, please provide us with
    • the number of hitters (Its random on skills/positions) and number of pitchers to create
    • the minimum and maximum age of the players
    • the minimum and maximum skill range for the players (1 lowest to 5 highest)

Once we have this information, we'll review your request and take the next steps. Once your league is created, you'll be able to take over, customize things further, and make the league your own.