League Activity and League Purging Policies

The current thresholds to maintain active league status:

  • 24 team league - minimum 10 owned teams
  • 8 team league - minimum 4 owned teams

Active Leagues

Active leagues can sim games and are listed on Active League page.

If a league falls below the minimum number of owners, it will be placed on hold at the end of current season and sims paused. Owners will receive notification emails when the league goes on hold, and commissioners will not be able to restart the sim on their own.

If the league reaches the minimum again, it will return to active status.

Inactive Leagues

After 30 days of inactivity, inactive leagues will be moved to the Inactive League page (if 10 or more season played) or potentially Purged (if less than 10 seasons played). Inactive leagues are paused, and do not sim new seasons. If you are interested in reactivating a league on the Inactive League page, you will need to provide a list of 10+ owners committed to joining this league upon reactivation.

Special Circumstances

The activity policy helps concentrate activity on leagues that have user interest, and helps us clean up extraneous leagues/data. We want to encourage the freedom of commissioners working on active leagues, and we will try to work with commissioners of leagues dealing with special circumstances - contact us at support@basehit.com to discuss.

If your league is private and you are struggling to get enough owners, we strongly suggest you change to public.

  • Leagues with Special Rules: If you are a commissioner of a league that has rules that specifically merit playing under the minimum activity threshold, contact us to find out about possibility of being allowed to run as a unique format League.

League Purges

BaseHit will strive to store all historical data for active leagues and inactive leagues that played at least 10 seasons in the past.

League data for leagues that move to inactive status before the 10 season mark will be eligible to be purged.