HOW TO: Tips for the Playoffs

Ever wish BaseHit had a cheat sheet? Some place you could go for advice on how to evaluate players or build a winning team? Maybe you’re thinking about making some major changes to your roster and aren’t sure how to go about it. Well you’re in luck, because all of that and more is explained in the new 'How To' pages.

Tips for the Playoffs

Some random tips. Because sometimes in October, a little adjustment can make a big difference!.

  • If you are in a league that sims 8/day (like most leagues), the playoffs are slowed to a sim speed of 4/day. This gives you more time to set a daily lineup, but it can also be agonizingly slow if you’re watching from home.

  • The best thing anyone can do in the playoffs is to shorten their pitching rotation. If you have an ace, make sure he throws in games 1-4-7. You can get away with a 4 man rotation if none of your pitchers stand out, but you should really try running a 3 man rotation. While doing this, move your fourth and fifth starters into bullpen roles, and sub your worst bullpen guys into inactive rotation spots.

  • Look at your opponent’s lineup. If they have a team stacked with right handed batters, make sure you don’t use any southpaws to start games. They have to be otherworldly, like Randy Johnson-esque to be worth it.

  • You can sometimes take advantage of an opponent’s catcher by turning up your stealing and baserunning settings if they have a bum arm behind the plate. This isn’t usually the biggest deal, but it could occasionally make a difference.