HOW TO: Drafting

Ever wish BaseHit had a cheat sheet? Some place you could go for advice on how to evaluate players or build a winning team? Maybe you’re thinking about making some major changes to your roster and aren’t sure how to go about it. Well you’re in luck, because all of that and more is explained in the new 'How To' pages.


The draft is the most important part of the regular season, and can set your team up for years of success when done properly. The draft list drops during the season and can be found on the team page under the owner tab, or on the franchise page under the team drop-down.

If you're going to be busy when your draft slot is coming up, make sure to order the next few players on the list and ensure you get somebody you want.

When you're drafting, most people go with best available over a specific need. You don’t want to be caught reaching on a subpar player who fills a need when there is an all-star caliber player still available. Many owners prefer to draft starting pitching and middle infield range above pure hitters at the top of the draft, because great players with these qualities are hard to find. However, some hitters may play just enough defense or have a bat like prime Albert Pujols and you could regret passing on them.

Draft depth breaks down into several tiers. Generally, you've got a shot at a HOFer in the first 3 picks in a draft. From there, you can usually find all-stars in the top 8-12 picks. In picks 13-22, you can find very useful players and steady building blocks. Picks 23-36 are often one trick pony guys, high development risk/high reward players, and bench/platoon players. After that, you'll be hoping to luck into some usual players.