Team Page Navigation

Selecting one of your teams from the Teams dropdown at the top of the screen, takes you to your team homepage.


  • Link to the league homepage


Check here regularly for:

  • Game results
  • Team transactions
  • Important league announcements

Trades/Free Agents

  • Access the league free agent list
  • Review pending free agent bids
  • Check out the league trade block
  • Propose/counter/accept trades. Learn more about trading here: Trade System
  • Review the season's trade history and any comments send in the trade process.

Amateur Draft

The league homepage show when the draft list will be announced each season.

  • The list of draft-eligible players is found here, with the ability to rank and reorder based on your preferences.
  • When your draft spot comes up, the top ranked player on your list is drafted.
  • For more details on the draft, check out: Amateur Draft.


  • Quick view of your team's free agent signings and trades.


View the 25 players on the active roster and all players in AAA and Low Minors.

  • The roster page displays ratings as well as the personal and financial data on all players.
  • Use the 'Reassign Players' link to promote, demote or release a player.
  • Find more details here: Team Rosters


This page is accessed frequently by active BaseHit managers.

  • You can set and review your defense and lineup versus right handed pitchers and left handed pitchers
  • You can adjust your depth chart for replacing fatigued players and your pitching rotation and bullpen roles.
  • The lineup page is also a good place to scout your opponent.
  • Learn more here: Lineups and Depth Charts


On the schedule page, you'll see the entire season schedule, including results and details on the games that have been completed.
  • The BaseHit regular season is 160 games by default, followed by 1-3 rounds of playoffs, the last round being the league's World Series.
  • You can access all past season schedules in the team's history.
  • To see more details on how a team's schedule breaks out, read here: Season Schedule


Baseball is all about stats - dive deep into player and team performance on a team's Stats page. *More than 30 different stat categories each for pitchers and for hitters and a dozen more for fielding.
  • Pull the data by current season, current postseason, career, career playoffs, and past 3 seasons.
  • If you're unsure of what a particular stat or abbreviation means reference the Statistics Glossary


A complete history of a team's achievements, awards, draft picks, stats leaders, and season performance.


The owner dropdown gives you access to many of the lineup functions, and includes a link to the very important Manager page.