Tips for Posting Tables on the BaseHit Forums

You have likely seen tables posted on the BaseHit Forums - but if you have tried to do it yourself, it probably didn't work and you may have gotten frustrated. We've all been there - but now, help is here!

The Bad News: You cannot cut and paste tables directly from Excel into the forums.

The Good News: It's simple to paste tables into the forums using Word!

Here's What You Need to Do...

1.) Copy the cells from Excel and paste them into Word (you DO NOT need to paste as plain text)

2.) In Word, go to Table Tools>>Layout>>Convert to Text

3.) A "Separate text with" box pops up. Click on "other" and enter the "|" symbol (the “pipe”, not the “L”)

4.) Copy and paste from Word into the forums

5.) Add [table] tags. In other words, Put [table] at the beginning and [/table] at the end as the closing tag

6.) Hit "Sumbit" and be impressed with your new skills!

It can take a few tries to get comfortable with this method, but once you have done it 2 or 3 times, it becomes a snap. However, if you are still having issues, post your question here and the BaseHit Community will be happy to help you! >> Help Posting on Forums