Tips for using the BaseHit Forums

Tips for Using the BaseHit Forums

BaseHit is a great game for those that have 15 minutes a day to play. The game doesn't care if your 15 minutes are at 6 a.m. or noon or midnight. Your lineups and transaction requests are processed whether you are online or offline. That said, it is important to a league that you are able to be reached from time to time. It is a good idea to at least check your leagues/teams/messages once per day.

The following is a list of things to help with that:

1.) Set up the BaseHit forums to send you an email when you receive a Private Message (PM)

To do this, go to the forums, click Settings, then General Settings (under My Settings). Then, under Private Messaging, make sure Private Messaging On is selected, then 'Email Notification of New Private Messages' to 'Receive'. Now you will get an email when you have a PM. This will help you to be more responsive to trade talks (and being responsive to trade talks is a great way to get good deals) and to never miss a draft deadline. (No one likes autopicks!) Of course you need to also make sure that you have a valid email address connected to the forums.

2.) Subscribe to specific forums to create a personalized page

It is easy to set up your Settings/User CP page for maximum efficiency. You should subscribe to all leagues that you are a member of. This will put your leagues' forums in your "Settings' page, under Subscribed Forums. This helps you quickly see which leagues have new posts without trying to navigate the listing of all leagues. You can subscribe to forums and sub-forums separately to see both in the listing. Also, you can subscribe to community forums like "Announcements" "Feature Requests" and "Record Books".

You do not need to scroll through 200+ forums just to find your leagues!

3.) Subscribe to important threads individually

Being available to draft your players is of utmost importance to winning. So knowing when the draft thread is updated is a good thing. You may want to receive an email when an important thread, like a draft board, is updated. To do this, go to the thread, then find "Thread Tools" and click the 'arrow' by it. If you are currently subscribed to it, click "Unsubscribe from this thread". Then click "Thread Tools" again, and choose "Subscribe to this thread", then in the "Notification Type", select "Instant notification by email" then click "Add Subscription". Now you will know shortly after the thread is updated. (Use your discretion when setting this up, as too many emails will become cumbersome.)

The forums are an important part of important as the game site in many ways. Become an efficient user of the BaseHit forums and you will enjoy the game more ... and your teams will likely do better too!

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