Tips for using the BaseHit Forums

Are you ready to take your BaseHit game to the next level? The BaseHit forums are an essential tool for staying connected and making the most out of your gaming experience. By becoming an efficient user of the forums, you'll enhance your gaming experience and improve your team's performance. Here are some valuable tips to help you navigate the forums like a pro:

Stay in the Loop with Email Notifications:

  • Don't miss out on important trade talks and updates.
  • Set up your BaseHit forums to send you email notifications when you receive a Private Message (PM).
  • Simply go to the forums, click on Settings, then General Settings under My Settings.
  • Ensure that Private Messaging On is selected, and set 'Email Notification of New Private Messages' to 'Receive'.

Create Your Personalized Page:

  • Organize your forums for maximum efficiency.
  • Subscribe to all the leagues you're a part of, and they'll appear in your Subscribed Forums section on your Settings/User CP page.
  • You can even subscribe to specific sub-forums and community forums like "Announcements" and "Feature Requests" to stay updated on important game information.

Get Instant Updates on Important Threads:

  • Being present for drafts and updates is crucial to your success in BaseHit.
  • Stay informed by subscribing to important threads individually.
  • Simply go to the thread you want to follow, click on "Thread Tools," and select "Subscribe to this thread."
  • Choose "Instant notification by email" as your notification type, and you'll receive timely updates whenever the thread is updated. Just remember to use this feature wisely to avoid email overload.

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