League Navigation Links

The league pages provide essential information and details for league commissioners, owners, and potential new owners. These navigation links allow you to access deep league information and summary data on all 24 teams. Whether you're managing the league, staying updated, or considering joining, these links offer valuable insights.


View upcoming games and results for all games within the last three simulation dates.


Check the current league standings - you can also access past season standings from this page.


Explore current season stats for league batters, including the top 100 players in 16 rankable categories. Pitching stats for the season and career stats for both batters and pitchers are also available.


Get a quick summary of statistical leaders in select categories.


Find information on completed league trades for the current season, as well as trade block details for teams looking to make trades.


Access a list of the 100 most recent transactions in the league, including trades, free agent signings, released players, drafted players joining their new teams, preseason free agents (PSFA), undrafted free agents (UDFA), and player retirements.

Free Agents

Browse through the league's free agents who are available for recruitment. You can view players by position, with detailed information on ratings, career statistics, and personal/financial data.

Amateur Draft

  • See the draft order for each round of the season's Amateur Draft.
  • Once the draft is complete, the draft results will also be displayed here.
  • Additionally, you can explore past drafts to review results, career stats, and awards won by previous draft classes.
  • Understanding the drafting process is crucial, and you can learn more about it in the Amateur Draft section.


Find information on league all-stars, MVPs, Cy Young winners, and more.


Access cumulative information on all league players, stadiums, and financials.


Explore various aspects of league history, including Achievements, All-time Leaders, Hall of Fame, and Seasons. For more info on Hall of Fame eligibility requirements, check Hall of Fame.