Free Agency

Outside the draft and trading, free agency is the way to acquire players in BaseHit.

Free Agent Signing Period

  • Free Agents sign during the preseason and regular season.
  • Free Agents will not sign during the first 8 games of the preseason to ensure that teams have a fair chance to bid on players.
  • Free Agents signing end for that year on the last day of the regular season.

Decision Timing

  • Free Agents will wait a minimum amount of time before making a decision on offers.
  • This waiting period allows other team owners to make counter offers.
  • The actual waiting time depends on the simulation rate of the game.
    • 2/day leagues: Between 4-8 sim days after their oldest offer.
    • 4/day leagues: Between 2-4 sim days after their oldest offer.
    • 8/day leagues: Between 1-2 sim days after their oldest offer.


  • When multiple teams submit contract offers to a Free Agent, the player will sign with the team that offers the highest salary.
  • In the event of a tie, the Free Agent will sign with a randomly selected team.
  • You can only have pending free agent bids that add up to the amount of salary cap space available on their team - any bids that would exceed the salary cap will not be processed.

Offering More than Asking Salary

  • Players have the option to offer more than the asking salary to a Free Agent, especially when multiple teams are bidding on the same player.
  • If a player is signed at a salary higher than their asking amount, the additional amount offered over the player's base salary will be renewed each year for as long as the player stays with the team.

Free Agent Market Forces

  • There are various factors in the game that can influence the role and impact of free agency.
    • How high the Salary Cap is set
    • Hard Cap
    • Binding Contracts
    • Pre-Season Free Agents.
  • Users can find more information about these in the Team Finances

Free Agent Roster Placement

  • When a Free Agent is signed, they will join either the AAA or Low Minors roster.
    • If the player has no Active Roster experience and there is space available in the Low Minors roster (which has a maximum of 20 players), they will be assigned there.
    • If the player has game experience or there is insufficient room in the Low Minors roster, they will be assigned to AAA.

Sign and Drop

  • Sign and Drop allows you to select up to three players from your roster to be dropped if the Free Agent you have a bid on signs with their team.
  • This feature is useful for teams that are currently over the salary cap or for those who don't want to lose the production of a current player until the replacement has been secured.
  • The dropped player(s) salary must be greater than the offer made to the Free Agent, or the final salary of the Free Agent must be below the league salary cap.
  • The team must keep at least 14 hitters and 11 pitchers on Active or AAA rosters, including the signed player.
  • The dropped player(s) may not be involved in other pending transactions.
  • Once a player is included in a Sign and Drop transaction, they cannot be included in another one until the first one has been cleared or cancelled.
  • Additionally, players included in Sign and Drop transactions cannot be dropped from the roster or included in any trade offers.