League Homepage

When you click on the name of a league, you'll be taken to its homepage - a central resource for understanding the league rules, exploring teams and their owners, and keeping up with the draft progress.

League Details:

  • League Date: The current simulation day on the league's schedule.
  • Sim Model: The era and simulation model used in the league. More details here - Simulation Models
  • Sim Speed: How quickly the league progresses (2, 4, or 8 games per day).
  • League Structure: The structure of division, conference, and playoff structure of the league.
  • Salary Cap: The maximum amount teams can spend on players before facing restrictions. Also indication of whether the league uses a soft or hard salary cap - more details here League Finances. Draft Order Type: The method used to determine the draft order (Standard or Lottery). More details here - Draft Lottery
  • Pre-Season FAs: Indicates whether new free agents are generated each season.
  • Scouting Rules: The rules for scouting information in the league - scouting on/off, Individual Potentials on/off, precision of ratings. More details here - Scouting
  • Commissioners: Lists the league commissioners (if applicable).
  • League Message: Displays important messages from the league commissioners, including links if provided.


Lists all 24 teams in the league, grouped by divisions and conferences.

  • Team and franchise names are clickable links to view their rosters and lineups.
  • If a team is available, you can recruit it from here.

Amateur Draft List:

Provides updates on the status of the league draft.
  • Information varies depending on the stage of the season, including the date when the draft list will appear, upcoming draft picks, or recent draft picks.
  • You can find more information about the Amateur Draft on the team page. More info here - Amateur Draft