Welcome to BaseHit - Signup instructions

BaseHit is the best free sim baseball game on the web. When we say free, we mean – 100% FREE. There are no hidden costs or fees of any kind – you don't pay to play and you can't pay to win.

Signing up to play

To join basehit.com ===>> Register here

Not only is registration free, you are not required to provide any personal information other than a valid email address. Once you have completed the simple registration process, you will receive a registration link by email, so make sure you use a valid email address!

Click the verification link in your email to complete registration. After that, it's time to sign up for the forums.

BaseHit community sites

These are the "BaseHit communication centers" where a lot of the action takes place.

  • BaseHit Forums - A vibrant community and the main communication tools for existing leagues, where owners and other members discuss drafts, trade talks, post players on trade blocks, access game highlights and record books. There is also a Q&A area, an option for private messaging among members and much more. The forums are a great place for tracking league historical conversations, some of which have been going for a decade or longer.

  • BaseHit Discord channel - Similarly vibrant community, the Discord channel is newer than the forums - it doesn't have the historic conversations but is a great place if you are looking for instant interaction/feedback from dozens of BaseHit managers.

  • BaseHit on YouTube - Check out podcasts from BaseHit leaders, conversations with BaseHit players, game updates, tutorials, and general nonsense.

  • BaseHit Community Hub - Blog keeping up with BaseHit updates, owner made rankings, the ramblings of some of our fine community members, and other fun stuff

Joining the Forums

To join the BaseHit Forums, sign up here>> Register for the BaseHit Forums

Registering for the forums allows you to:

  • Post and reply to threads
  • Send and receive private messages (PM's) to other members, including commissioners and mentors

When you register for the forums, you will be asked to choose a username and password and enter a valid email address. We suggest you use the same username as you used on the game site. When you are done registering, you will receive an activation email, so make sure you give a valid email address when you register! Simply click on the link in the activation email and you are ready to begin having fun on the forums.

More about registration

Your email address will not be displayed on the game site, on the forums, or in your profile.

Once you are registered, it's time to join a league! Joining a League / Finding a Team