Find a Team

Once you've registered at

  • You've looked at the Find a League page and found some leagues that interest you.
  • Now it is time to recruit a team (or maybe a few).

Public Leagues

To recruit an unowned team in a public league you are interested in, you can select the team from many different locations. "Take Over" button on the team page, or click the briefcase next to the team on the league homepage. I want the team and it will take you to a confirmation page where you can recruit the team to your franchise.

Private Leagues

Some leagues are private and have commissioners. Don't let the word 'private' scare you ... there is really nothing private about them. It is very easy to join a private league. Just click on the I want the team link and it will take you to a page where you can request the team be added to your franchise. Just click the 'request' button, and an email will be sent to the league commissioners letting them know that you are interested in joining their league.

Mentor Leagues

Mentor leagues are commissioner-led private leagues, specifically available to new CSFBLers and users returning from time away from the game. For the first 5 seasons, each of the 4 divisions has a CSFBL mentor to help the 6 teams in the division learn the ins and outs of playing CSFBL. It’s like having a veteran bench coach in your dugout. If you have questions, or need a second opinion on how to build your team, who to draft, proposing or evaluating a trade, or anything else ... you can build your team with confidence knowing that your mentor is there to help when needed. To join a mentor league, simply follow the same steps required to join a private league. If you have any difficulty, you can find any mentor or site admin on CSFBLchat and they will be more than happy to help you.

Recruit a team using the forums

Another easy way to recruit a team is by going to the CSFBL Forums.
  • Simply navigate to the league's forum and request an available team or submit a post in the leagues wait list indicating that you would like to be considered for future openings.
  • Post in the "I Want A New Team" thread and commissioners will recruit you.
  • Post in the Join A Mentor League thread and an administrator will help place you in a league and match you up with a mentor.