Team Rosters

Each team has three roster levels:

Active Roster:

The Active Roster must consist of 14 hitters and 11 pitchers, totaling 25 players.
  • Only players currently in the active roster will be used in games.


The AAA roster can accommodate any number of players - both pitchers and position players.
  • AAA is typically for players aged 23 and older who are not currently needed or ready for the Active Roster.
  • Players can easily be moved between AAA and the Active Roster.
  • In hard cap leagues, AAA players are the first players that will be designated for release if no changes are made to default contract decisions.

Low Minors:

The Low Minors roster is for player development and can hold up to 20 players, including any mix of pitchers and hitters.
  • Only players who have never appeared in a Major League game are eligible for the Low Minors.
  • Players in the Low Minors can receive a small bonus to their development, usually 1-2 rating points.
  • Players in AAA and the Low Minors are reserves for future use, and will not accumulate stats until they join the Active Roster.

Drafting & The Low Minors:

  • Players drafted in the Amateur Draft immediately join your Low Minors roster.
  • Ensure that you have enough room in your Low Minors roster (up to 20 players) before the draft begins.
  • If there is no space available, your draft spot will be skipped.

Retirement Outlook

Player's chances or retiring at the end of the season are visible. More details on factors that determine retirement decisions - Player Retirement

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