Player Retirement

Retirement in BaseHit is influenced by several factors.


  • As players get older, they may consider retiring due to the physical demands of the game and their inability to compete at a high level.

Employment Status

  • If a player is unable to secure a contract with a team, they may be more inclined to retire.

Playing Time

  • Reduced playing time or a diminished role on the team can impact a player's desire to continue playing.

Career Performance

  • Players may assess their overall career achievements when contemplating retirement.

Recent Performance

  • A decline in recent performance can prompt players to consider retirement.

Current Retirement Status

  • You can find a player's retirement outlook in the Bio information on the team Roster Page.
  • Currently signed players who intend to retire during the offseason, will communicate their plans at the beginning of the postseason.
  • Free agents may choose to retire during the season.