Leagues that want an added element of realism, with hidden gems and draft disappointments, can choose to turn Scouting ON.

Why scouting?

Scouting is an essential part of baseball - teams employ scouts to assess the skills and potential of young players. Though important, scouting is not an exact science, as some players may exceed expectations, while others may fall short.

The Scouting System in BaseHit

The scouting system in BaseHit is designed to add an element of mystery to player evaluations.

  • Each player has hidden values that affect how easy or difficult they are to scout.
  • This hidden variance keeps things intriguing, especially for younger players.
  • You can trust the general information a scout tells you, but only time will reveal if they were precisely right.

Accuracy of Scouting

  • As players gain experience and/or get older, scouts become more accurate in evaluating their current abilities.
  • A scout is more likely to accurately assess a 30-year-old player who has played for five seasons compared to a 17-year-old prospect.

Player Ratings and Potential

  • A player's potential ratings are their expected abilities at the time of the draft, and these ratings do not change over time.
  • The ratings you see for a player are the same as what everyone else sees; scouting does not alter this.

Scouting Options in Leagues

  • Individual leagues have the option to enable or disable the scouting system based on their preferences.
    • Leagues with scouting turned OFF will always see nearly perfect ratings for players throughout their careers.
    • Leagues with scouting turned ON will not have precise information on player ratings. Instead, they will see "scouted" ratings, as described earlier.
  • Alternatively, leagues can select a precision level of 5 or 10 for ratings display to replicate imperfect information, providing estimated ratings instead of exact numbers.
  • Leagues that prefer to have complete ratings information for players throughout their careers should choose Scouting OFF.

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