Player Reassignment Tool

The Player Reassignment Tool empowers commissioners to quickly and easily move players within a league.

This tool has 3 primary uses:

1. Move a player from one team in a league to another team in that league

2. Move a player from a league’s free agency list onto a team in that league

3. Move a player from a team’s active or AAA roster to their Low Minors roster

The only information a commissioner needs to perform a player reassignment is:

1. The Player ID of the player to be reassigned

2. The Team ID of the team the player is being assigned to

3. Their password

Things to keep in mind:

1. Only players with ZERO major league games played are eligible for Low Minors.

2. Reassigned players with zero major league games played will ALWAYS be assigned to Low Minors even if a team has 20+ players already in Low Minors.

3. Reassigned players with 1 or more games of major league experience will ALWAYS be reassigned to AAA even if a team has 10+ players already in AAA.

4. Both the player and the team must both be in THIS league. This tool does not allow players to move from one league to another. Nor does it allow moving a player in one league from a different league’s League Management page.

5. When a player is reassigned, it is noted on the news page(s) of the team(s) involved in the transaction as well as on the league's Transaction page.