Set Draft Picks Tool

Set Draft Picks

This commissioner tool is very powerful, but should only ever be used for league with live drafts. If your league does not have a life draft, you really don't have any reason to be on this page. This web page is a bit overwhelming, so take a moment to really study it. This page contains a table with 72 rows, each row representing the draft as it is currently ordered. The table contains 6 columns:

Draft Position - Easy enough, ordered 1-72

Drafting Team - The team that owns that draft pick

Drafting Team ID - The Team ID of the team. Not sure how useful this is on this page, to be honest.

Drafting Team Selection - This number corresponds to the number of picks the team has. Under normal circumstances, each team has 3 picks, one per round, so this number would be 1, 2, 3 for each team. With trading of draft picks and the reordering of the draft, this could be much higher, or lower. Better stated, this number represents the order of the pick within the context of the owning team. A team with 10 picks will have this numbered 1-10. A team with two picks will only have 1 and 2. Feel free to post in the comments section if this is not clear.

Selected Player - This field represents the player currently that the owner has ranked in the position indicated by the Drafting Team Selection field. This tells you, as the commissioner, how each owner has set their draft lists.

Reassigned player - This field is represented as a drop down, containing all 80 players who are eligible to be drafted. The default value of this drop down is the player currently selected in that position by the drafting team.

Now that the fields in the table have been defined, you can now compare the live draft from your league to the players currently slated to be drafted. If you find any errors, you fix them by changing the player in the Reassigned Player column. Any changes made on this page will appear as a news item for the impacted team.

Once the draft has been corrected, click the Update Draft button. As with all tools, there is no UNDO, so be careful.

Again, this feature should only ever be used in leagues that hold live drafts, and even then, only to correct mistakes prior to the 7/15 sim date.

This feature is no longer available after 7/15. Attempting to use this tool after sim date of 7/15 will simply give you an error message. It would be nice if it were available after 7/15, so it can be easily known which owners failed to set their draft lists, in the event that the league commissioner was unable (or unwilling) to correct the mistakes previous to 7/15.