Reorder Draft Tool

Reorder Draft

The Reorder draft tool is another simple, yet powerful feature. This lets you reassign every pick of the draft in any order you see fit. This feature is primarily used in leagues that allow draft picks to be traded beyond the current season. Current season picks can be traded in game, of course, so future season picks need to be reassigned. There are no news items or transaction logs created when the draft list is reordered.

The page itself is very basic. All three rounds are included, with picks 1-24 listed in each round, formatted as a drop down box. Each drop down box contains all 24 team names in the league, ordered by division, then alphabetically within each division. The default value of each drop down is the current owner of the pick, so you don't have to go out and set all 72 each time out, which is nice.

Once you have modified the draft list to your liking, simply click the Reorder button.

There is no UNDO, so be sure that you double and triple check your work before pressing that button. It is a best practice to open the draft list in a separate window so you can check your work before moving forward. If you make a mistake, you at least have the previous state to refer back on to clean up your mess.