Frequently Asked Questions

When will my team play its next game?

Why did I get fewer than three players in the draft?

  • Your Low Minors (LM) has space for 20 rising stars. At draft time, you get to handpick new players to join the squad, but when all the minors spots are taken, no new draftees will be added. Make sure to leave enough space to draft everyone you planned.

Why aren't the statistics for my sim updated yet?

  • Depending on the time of day, how many games must be simmed, whether it is a full moon or not, and so on determine how quickly statistics get updated. The results and box scores are available as soon as the game is simmed, but the actual player's statistics will be updated soon afterwards. The best way to tell whether your team's statistics are completely updated? Look on your team's news page and see if the "Player of the Game" award has been awarded yet for the last game simmed, or if it is still unknown. If it has been awarded, the statistics should be updated. If not, then be patient. :)

How do I change a public league into a private league, or become a commissioner of an already private league?

  • If you are interested in becoming a commissioner in an already private league, there is no formal process - talk with the existing commissioners and let them know what help you can give and usually that will do the trick over time.
  • We suggest having more than one owner in a league with commissioner powers; this provides checks and balances as well as continuity if someone is unavailable. Somewhere between 1 and 4 owners is good enough. One strategy we have seen is one owner per division in a league be given commissioner rights.