League Management (for commissioners)

As a league commissioner, you have the ability to modify the attributes of the league. With great power comes great responsibility. If you aren’t careful, you can make a bit of a mess.

The League Management page is broken down into five sections, three of which are discussed here. These sections are:

  • League Management
  • Draft Tools
    • Reorder Draft
    • Set Draft Picks

  • League Structure
  • Team Ownership

League Settings

Alright! Now it's time to have some fun! This is where you have the ability to modify how the league operates. Most of the fields and options are straightforward enough, but here are the details anyway.

League Name

The name of your league that will display to other BaseHit owners. You have up to 40 characters to work with. Please behave, nothing profane or otherwise inappropriate, please.


You can select up to a four character abbreviation for the league.


If your league is a private league, set the password to something known only to you. Distribute this password to owners whom you would like to invite to your league. The owner will join the league and be prompted for the password. This method is required to add teams to new leagues. For existing leagues, you have the option to use the Team Ownership section below. Leaving the password field blank will revert your league to Public.

League Commissioner(s)

Running a league can be a lot of work, and you will most likely need help. Once you've found someone worthy enough to be a fellow commissioner, add their BaseHit user id to this box. Names must be their BaseHit name (as opposed to their forum name), and names must be separated by a semi-colon (;). Please note, commissioners may be added, but not removed unless the player has timed out due to inactivity.

Sim Rate

How many games per day do you want your league to simulate? Options are 2/day, 4/day, 8/day. See the breakdown below, all times are Eastern Time. See also Sim Schedule.

Midnight - 2/day, 4/day, 8/day
3:00 AM - 8/day
6:00 AM - 4/day, 8/day
9:00 AM - 8/day
Noon - 2/day, 4/day, 8/day
3:00 PM - 8/day
6:00 PM - 4/day, 8/day
9:00 PM - 8/day

Note: Your league must have 14 or more teams owned to use the 8/day sim rate.

Sim Disabled

Be careful with this one, as it's actually a double negative (something I personally always find confusing and avoid like the plague). No - Sims are running and will follow the schedule outlined above Yes - Sims are NOT running

Sim Model

Read more about Sim Model here. Changes to sim model take effect at the next flip.

Draft Order

Standard Draft - Teams draft in reverse order of last season's record

Draft Lottery - All non-playoff teams from last season have a chance at the first six picks of the draft. Read more about the Draft Lottery

Potential Ratings

Potentials can be set to Individual letter grades for each rating, or Summary grades for Hitting/Pitching/Fielding. Changes to Potentials will take effect at the next flip.

Allow Stadium Changes?

Once stadium sizes are established, should owners be allowed to change them during the preseason? Options are Yes and No.

League Salary Cap

This one is fun. This setting sets the salary cap for the league. Free agent signings, and Trades are all limited by this number. Be careful! This change is effective as soon as the settings are updated!

Preseason FAs Created

Leagues can choose to have a certain number of free agents created in a league before each preseason

League Forum ID

This setting allows you to point the Forum link found on the League page to any of the forums on forums.basehit.com. To set this correctly, go to forums.basehit.com and scroll down to find your league. If your league isn't there yet, an admin or community manager will have to assist you. Once you've found it, click it and look at the URL. You should see something like: forums.basehit.com/forumdisplay.php/99-Your-League-Name. All you need is the number, which is called out for you.

League Message

Set a message that owners will see when looking at the league page.

Once you are done with your updates, click the Update League button at the bottom of this section.

Another gotcha: There are three Update buttons on this page, but each one only impacts the fields directly above them. For example, you will not be able to rename conferences AND change the Sim Rate at the same time.

League Structure

This isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but here you can customize the division and conference names. Division names are viewable on the League Home and Standings pages, maybe a couple of other places as well. Conference Names are viewable primarily on the League Awards page, and even then, only while the season is in progress.

When looking at the Standings page, the default order is Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Division 4, when reading from top to bottom. Division 1 and Division 2 belong to Conference 1, and Divisions 3 and 4 belong to Conference 2.

Coming back to the League Structure section, the fields are displayed as follows, with their references included in parenthesis:

  • Conference (Conference 1)
    • Division (Division 1)
    • Division (Division 2)

  • Conference (Conference 2)
    • Division (Division 1)
    • Division (Division 2)

As with the League Name, please behave when renaming divisions and conferences. Once you are happy with your new names, click the "Update Names" button. As with the prior section, the Update Names button will only update the names, and will not change any league settings or ownership.

Team Ownership

The Team Ownership section will allow you the ability to modify the owners in the league. Want to replace an inactive owner? Update it here. Have a vacancy? Simply add the new owner here, rather than send the new owner the league password.

The same the fields are repeated 24 times, once for each team. For the sake of space, they are only listed one time on this article. They are:

Team Name, Current Owner New Owner:

This may be displayed back in two different ways, depending on if the team is vacant or not. An owned team will look like this:

Team A, Owner A
New Owner: Owner A

While a vacant team will look like this:

Team A, none
New Owner:

To add or change ownership of a team, simply add the BaseHit owner ID (not the forum ID) into the New Owner field. If you attempt to add an owner who is not a registered BaseHit user, you will get a system error.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Do not modify any team that you do not intend to change! When adding or changing an owner, change only the owner for that team. Do not clear out the New Owner field for the remaining teams. That will result in the team being removed from that owner's franchise.

Once the teams have been assigned, press the "Update Ownership" button. As with the other buttons on this page, the Update Ownership button will only impact the Team Ownership portion of the page.