Stadiums and Stadium Models

In BaseHit, each team has its own stadium where they play their home games. You can easily view the details of a team's stadium from their homepage.

The Stadium Model

Every stadium in the game is designed with specific measurements and features that affect gameplay. Here are the key elements:

Field Dimensions

  • The distance from the foul lines to center field is measured in feet (1/3 of a meter).
  • Down the left and right field lines, the distance ranges from 300' to 360' (average is 330').
  • The distance to center field ranges from 380' to 440' (average is 410').

Wall Height

  • Each stadium has walls of varying heights in left field (LF), center field (CF), and right field (RF).
  • The height of these walls can be adjusted between 3' and 40' (average is 8').
  • Larger stadiums with greater wall distances and heights result in fewer home runs but more triples and doubles.

Foul Territory

  • There are five options for the size of the foul territory: tiny, small, average, medium, and huge.
  • A larger foul territory increases the chances of foul balls being caught for outs.

Playing Surface:

  • The playing surface can be either grass or turf.
  • Turf infields allow ground balls to travel faster, making it harder for infielders to make plays.
  • Grass infields slow down ground balls slightly, giving infielders a better chance to field them.

Editing Stadiums

You have the option to edit the stadium for each team you own, with some restrictions.

  • Active teams (teams in a league) can only edit their stadiums during the preseason.
  • Some leagues may not allow stadium changes, and you won't see the "Edit Stadium" option during the preseason in those cases.