Types of Leagues

"Live" Draft (aka "Forum" Draft)

The annual Amateur Draft is an important part of all CSFBL leagues. Many of the most active leagues conduct their draft over several days using the CSFBL Forums. Some owners prefer live drafts. Others prefer drafts that are handled entirely through pre-ranking a draft list which is processed on July 15th. Whether a league has a Live Draft or not can also be found on the Find a League page.

Private and Public leagues

While these terms are being phased out, both terms are still found throughout CSFBL. Public refers to a league that can be joined without commissioner involvement. Private leagues require that a commissioner assign a team to a new owner.

Note that Private leagues are far from private. All private leagues welcome new owners and encourage any and all CSFBLers to request an available team or join the waitlist. One of the easiest ways to join a private league is to get recruited. Post a message in the I Want a New Team thread and commissioners will come to you.

Other League Classifications and Terminology

New leagues are assigned a name consisting of 3 random Greek letters. A s a result Greek Leagues is a term than can refer to the new, starter leagues. Greek leagues are public leagues, often with a limited shelf life given the turnover of ownership in starter leagues.

Early on in CSFBL's history, a handful of the most active and prestigious leagues were assigned as Premier Leagues Premier leagues historically were highly competitive, with customized rules and regulations, and an active forum presence. Over the years, the term Premier League has lost some of its significance. However the handful of leagues that still enjoy the Premier designation remain some of the most historically significant leagues in all of CSFBL.