Team Ownership Rules

There are two ways you can take ownership of a team in BaseHit:

  • create a new team
  • recruit an existing team.

There is a "soft cap" of 10 teams in a franchise. This "soft cap" will not prevent you from being added as an owner in a private league, but will prevent you from recruiting a new team. Any franchise that has more than 10 teams will be notified of the "soft cap" violation periodically, but no action is required.

Creating a Team

To create a team, log in and go to the Create Team page. There are some important things to know about creating a team.

New users must wait 30 days until they can create their first teams. (They should add teams to their franchise by recruiting a team as described below.) A newly created team is not automatically a member of a league; as a result, it will not participate in any games until you activate it by joining an existing league that has an available slot for a team. Leagues require 24 teams before they start simulating games, so it often takes some time for a new league to get the 24 teams needed to start. As a result, creating a team is often not the best way to get started right away playing BaseHit.

Once you create and activate a new team, you can not create another team for 30 days. (You can still recruit teams during that time.)

Once you create a team, you have two choices: activate it into a league, or wait 7 days for it to be automatically deleted. Until those 7 days expire, you will not be able to create another team

You can not activate more than one team in a given league - all leagues are restricted to permit one team per owner per league. (You can have teams in different leagues, but no more than one team in each league.)

Recruiting a Team

To recruit a team simply use the "Find a new league to join" link, or use the "Leagues" link.

Both of these links will navigate to a listing of all leagues in BaseHit. This list can be sorted in any number of ways, including "Available to join". Go to an individual League page and click on the "recruit this team" link to take ownership.

There are some restrictions to recruiting a team:

  • You can't recruit a team from a league that you already own a team in.
  • You can't directly recruit a team in a league with a commissioner without the league password. It is best to contact a commissioner of that league to request membership, thus avoiding the 10 team "soft cap" restriction.

If you owned a team in a league in the past, you can not recruit another team in the same league for at least 90 days. Instead, pick a team from a different league to recruit.

Owning multiple teams with multiple accounts

There's nothing in BaseHit stopping you from having more than one account (though it is not really necessary, so why would you?). There's also no reason you can't own multiple teams

You can not own more than one team in each league. Even if you have two accounts, do not take two teams in the same league. We do routine monitoring of the system, and odds are we will find you and revoke your ownership of one or both teams.