Offseason Schedule

What happens after your season is over?

After the end of the regular season, annual awards and lifetime achievements are declared:

Timeline of Post-season Awards

  • All-Stars (September 30th)
  • Most Valuable Player (October 10th)
  • Cy Young (October 10th)
  • Rookie of the Year (October 10th)
  • Fireman of the Year (October 10th)
  • Gold Gloves (October 20th)
  • Hall of Fame (October 30th)

The "Flip"

On November 2nd of a league's season, the season "flips". Essentially, the current season ends and the game fast-forwards to the next year's pre-season. When a season "flips", the following takes place:

  • Players decide whether or not to retire (based on career happiness)
  • Players meet with arbitrators and get their contracts for the next season (contract dollars are based on a player's ratings and age)
  • Players age by one year and may experience increases and/or decreases in ratings
  • Additional Free Agents (FA) are automatically signed if a team's roster is below the league minimum 25 players (due to retirements)

As of the June 2022 Update, many league setting changes don't occur until the Flip.

  • Changes to Scouting must be submitted as a Community Request and will not occur until the next flip. This is a data-intensive process and we may need to put limits on the number of changes that leagues can ask for in Scouting.
  • Changes to Potentials, Sim Era, and Draft Type/Lottery can be selected by a league commissioner, and will take effect at the next flip
  • Changes to Salary Cap can be done at any time during the season.

Please note: Leagues which have less than 10 owned teams at the end of a season will be suspended from advancing to the next season.