Season Schedule

About the Regular Season

The regular season in typical BaseHit leagues is a 160 game schedule that runs from April 2nd to September 28th. Leagues can start in different years, but the general defaults:

  • Dead Ball - 1901
  • Free Agent Era - 1977
  • CSFBL Classic - 1981

Structure of the Season

The season consists of 50 three or four game series played against the 23 other teams in the league. The games are grouped together by division and conference, and the schedule consists of the following:

  • 14 division games against the other team in your division
  • 9 interdivision games against the teams in the other division in your conference
  • 3 interleague games against the other conference


If your team makes the playoffs, additional games will be added to your schedule.

  • There is a day off at the end of the season, and then the first playoff round begins.
  • Each playoff round is a best of 7 series.