Season Schedule

About the Regular Season

Each regular season has a 160 game schedule that runs from April 2nd to September 28th. Leagues can begin in different years, but the general defaults

  • Dead Ball - 1901
  • Free Agent Era - 1977
  • CSFBL Classic - 1981

Structure of a Season

The 160 game BaseHit season consists of 50 three or four game series played against the 23 other teams in the league. The games are grouped together by division and conference and the schedule is structured in the following chronological order:

Estimated Dates# of Series# of gamesOpponent
Apr 2- Apr 20517 or 18In-Division
Apr 21- May 10618In-Conference
May 10- May 31517 or 18In-Division
June 1-June 20618In-Conference
June 21-July 311236Inter-league
Aug 1-Aug 20517 or 18In-Division
Aug 21-Sept 10618In-Conference
Sept 11-Sept 28517 or 18In-Division
Apr 2 - Sept 2850160Full Season
The breakdown of how a series and schedule is constructed can be seen below:

  • In-Division Match-ups:
  • Your team is facing one of the 5 other teams in your division.
  • Your team plays games within your division 4 times per season, including the beginning and end of the season.
  • Each series your team plays against a team in your division is either 3 or 4 games long.
  • Your team plays 14 games against each team in your division. There are two 3-game series and two 4-game series.
  • Your team plays a total of 70 in-division games per season.

  • In-Conference Match-ups:
  • A conference opponent is one of 6 teams from the other division that makes up your conference.
  • Your team faces conference opponents 3 times per season.
  • Each series is 3 games, so your team plays a total of 9 games per season against each conference team.
  • Your team plays a total of 54 conference games per season.

  • Inter-league Match-ups:
  • In inter-league play, your team faces each of the 12 teams from the other conference.
  • For roughly 1 1/2 months during the end of June and all of July, teams will participate in inter-league play against the other conference.
  • Your team plays each team once per season for a 3-game series.
  • There are a total of 36 inter-league games.