Sim Schedule

Three things determine when your team will play its next game:

1. The sim rate of your league.
2. The point in the season your league is at currently.
3. The load on the server.

To explain...

Understanding Sim Rates

All leagues sim at 2, 4, or 8 games per day. Effectively, this means that a league's "calendar" will advance 2, 4, or 8 days for every real-world calendar day. As a result, the real world calendar day is essentially meaningless to BaseHit leagues.

Sims run every three hours. The following chart shows what times leagues sim based on their sim rate.

Time of DayLeagues to Sim
12:00 am EDT2, 4, 8
3:00 am EDT8
6:00 am EDT4, 8
9:00 am EDT8
12:00 pm EDT2, 4, 8
3:00 pm EDT8
6:00 pm EDT4, 8
9:00 pm EDT8
Note: Even though the sim starts every three hours, it could take up to 30 minutes before your team(s) games are actually simulated and you see the results. Why? During each sim (a "sim" being one of those three-hour intervals, lots of things happen: games are simulated, drafts are processed, schedules are created and updated, statistics are updated, and more. Doing all of that for some 4,000 or so baseball teams takes time.

Post-Season Changes

After the end of the World Series, all leagues will sim at 8 games per day until the end of the season. The end of the season (often called the "flip") happens on November 2 of your league's calendar.

Why Sims Get Skipped

In the past fifteen years, BaseHit (formerly CSFBL) has simulated over 33 million baseball games. Storing all those games, players, teams, statistics, and such results in a massive database (over 250GB). Further, simulating thousands of baseball games every day (the equivalent of about eight Major League seasons per day) takes lots of computing power. Top that off with the demands of the web site

Because of all that going on, from time to time, sims will be skipped. In most circumstances, sims will resume at the next three hour interval. In any case, if the sims fail unexpectedly, people are notified and we will try to get things running again as quickly as possible.

You will see an hourglass icon next to "Your Profile" button in the top right corner of the page - clicking this icon will give you recent information on when sims have been completed for easy reference.