Amateur Draft

The draft is the key mechanism to bring in new players and build your team in BaseHit.

Draft Overview

Each season, every league holds an amateur draft featuring young prospects eager to make it to the big leagues.
  • Teams select players, placing them in the low minors for their development into future professional players.
  • Draft eligible players range in age from 17 to 23 years old and may require several years to reach their full potential based on their age and development abilities.

Draft Order

When the season's schedule becomes available, you can view the draft order for that season's amateur draft.

  • In the inaugural season of the league, the draft order is based on the total team payroll at the time the season's schedule is released - the team with the lowest payroll gets the first pick, while the team with the highest payroll gets the last pick.
  • For all subsequent seasons, the draft order is determined as follows:
    • The first 16 slots are filled by non-playoff teams.
    • Teams that lost in the League Division Series occupy picks 17 to 20.
    • Teams that lost in the League Conference Series occupy picks 21 and 22.
    • The World Series loser gets pick 23, and the World Series winner gets pick 24.
  • Within each slot, the order is determined by the following criteria:
    • Regular season wins from the previous season (if tied, move to the next criterion).
    • Regular season wins from two seasons ago (if tied, move to the next criterion).
    • Division wins from the previous season (if tied, move to the next criterion).
    • A virtual coin-flip.

Draft Schedule

Here's the schedule for the draft process in typical 160 game seasons.

  • April 25: The draft list appears, and teams can start ordering their draft picks.
  • May 19: The draft officially begins, and the first overall pick is selected.
  • May 19 to July 29: The draft continues with one pick per simulation day.
  • July 29: The last pick of the draft is made, and undrafted players become free agents.
  • Seasons of different length will have different draft schedules determined by the number of teams in the league and the number of days in the season.

Draft Lists and Selecting Players

The list of draft eligible players comes pre-ranked based on their initial salary demands, with higher-salaried players ranked at the top.

  • Team owners can customize their draft list based on their scouting evaluations, development expectations, and positional needs.
  • To edit your draft list, click the "Amateur Draft" link when viewing your team and adjust the rankings of the players.
  • For each pick in the draft, the team selecting will draft the highest-ranked player available on their draft list.
  • You will receive alerts as your draft slot approaches, but make sure to pay attention to your draft list as the time nears.
  • Each team receives three draft picks per season, and whether you draft a player or trade a pick is up to you.

Low Minors Limits

  • All players selected in the amateur draft automatically go to the low minors for development. *Low minors have a maximum occupancy of 20 players.
  • If you have 20 players in the low minors when your draft pick comes up, your pick will be skipped.
  • You don't want to miss a pick, so keep an eye on your roster to ensure you have the necessary space.