Pitching Ratings

Pitching Ratings determine a pitcher's skills, abilities, and outcomes on the mound when facing batters. Here's a breakdown of each rating:

Power (PO)

  • Pitchers with high PO ratings excel at throwing effective fastballs, hard sliders, and splitters.
  • They generate more strikeouts and make it challenging for batters to get hits.
  • Power pitchers may give up more home runs and fly ball outs.

Notable power pitchers include Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, and Sandy Koufax.

Finesse (FI)

  • Pitchers with high FI ratings rely on changeups, curveballs, and generally deceptive pitches.
  • While they may not achieve high strikeout numbers like power pitchers, they effectively get batters out.
  • Finesse pitchers keep batters off-balance, leading to fewer extra-base hits. They induce more ground balls than fly balls.

Prominent finesse pitchers include Greg Maddux and Tommy John.

Control (CO)

  • Pitchers with high CO ratings have precise aim, enabling them to throw the ball where they intend.
  • This affects walks, strikeouts to some extent, and even the opponent's batting average.
  • A high CO allows pitchers to confidently hit the corners and stay ahead in the count.
  • Pitchers with high CO excel at minimizing walks.

Notable pitchers with high control include Mike Mussina and Christy Mathewson.

Specialty (SY)

  • Pitchers with high SY ratings possess unique skills and techniques that set them apart.
  • They utilize strategies and pitches that other pitchers don't, maximizing their effectiveness. *Specialty can elevate an average pitcher's performance or enhance a good pitcher's abilities.
  • SY is the only rating not affected by fatigue and can complement other high ratings.

Phil Niekro and Charlie Hough are examples of pitchers with high Specialty ratings.

Hold Runner (HR)

  • The HR rating measures a pitcher's ability to deter base stealing and pick off runners.
  • Pitchers with high HR ratings excel at holding runners on base.
  • This reduces stolen base attempts, decreases success rates, and improves the chances of picking off runners.
  • It also hinders runners from taking extra bases or breaking up double plays.

Pitchers like Andy Pettitte and Terry Mulholland are known for their ability to hold runners.


  • Pitchers rely on up to four different pitches, listed on their player card.
  • These four pitches that can vary based on their skills.
  • These pitches may change over time as their skills evolve.
  • The primary pitch, considered their best pitch, is listed first.
  • For example, finesse pitchers may throw changeups, sinkers, and curveballs, while power pitchers may rely on splitters and fastballs.
  • Some pitchers effectively throw unconventional pitches, often referred to as "garbage."

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