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Getting Started

Whether you are starting from scratch with a new team in a Rookie League or you're taking over a team in an existing league - here are some instructions to help you get started.

The Teams

SO, you got yourself a job as a general manager of a baseball team! Time to learn how to be effective at that job - explore your team roster, set lineups and depth charts, understand pitching roles and bullpen strategies, set your managerial style for the game, and more.

The Players

At the heart of the game are the players. Explore various aspects of player data, ratings, development, achievements, and retirement. Understand how player performance and career progression impact your team's success.

The Leagues

Sim Schedule & Important Game Dates

The Forums

Player Guides/Tips and Tricks

(Note, these guides were written by helpful community members and may not be current to recent changes.)


Commissioner Tools & League Management

BaseHit Policies


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