If you're unable to acquire the talent you need through the Amateur Draft or Free Agency, trading offers another avenue to improve your team. Here's how trading works:

Proposing a Trade:

  • Go to your team's "Trades/Free Agents" page.
  • Select the team you want to propose a trade to.
  • Click the "Prepare Trade" button.
  • Choose the players you want to send and receive in the trade.
    • You can select up to three players to send and three players to receive.
    • To select multiple players, hold down the SHIFT or CONTROL key while clicking.
  • Click the "Propose Trade" button.
  • The other team's owner will receive an email notification, and the trade proposal will be posted on the league's Transactions page.

Pending Trades:

On the "Trades/Free Agents" page, you can see all the pending trades involving your team.

  • Any trade proposals from other owners will be listed here.
  • You can cancel a trade proposal you previously made by clicking the "Cancel" link.
  • To accept or decline a trade proposal made to you, simply click the "Accept" or "Decline" link.

Completed Trades

  • When a trade is accepted, it is processed immediately.
  • If you're trading players currently on your Active Roster, minor lineup changes may occur.
  • Players received in a trade with no Active Roster experience will be added to the Low Minors.
  • If they have experience, they will be added to either your AAA or Active Roster based on your team's composition after the traded players are removed.

  • A player involved in one trade proposal cannot be part of another - you must cancel or decline the existing proposal to include them in a new one.
  • You can have multiple trade proposals with the same team simultaneously.
  • Trading is limited to human-owned teams within your league - you cannot trade with computer-owned teams or teams outside your league.
  • Releasing a player will cancel any pending trade proposals involving them.
  • Trade proposals cannot add additional salary to a team that will be over the salary cap after the trade is complete.
  • Trading is only available until August 31 of each season - after this date, you must wait until the start of the next season to propose trades.