March 2024 Update

This release occurred on 3/6/24.

The first time back to the roster page you'll likely experience login issues, please log out fully from the site and log back in and you should be good.

Adding League Option to Display 'All Ratings History'

Refresher on how players are created: All (non-scrub) players are created at age 17, and then aged up to their draft age.

  • Currently, leagues can see a player's ratings history (link on player cards) going back to the year they were drafted.
  • A new setting for 'Player Ratings History' has been added to the commissioner tools
  • If a league chooses ‘All Ratings History’, users will be able the see player ratings going all the way back to age 17 for all players.
  • If using 'All Player Ratings', there is no change to information that you will see for 17yo draftees. The older the draftee – the more clearly you will be able to see their development path.
  • Rows on the rating history page that are italicized are ratings prior to when the player was drafted. *Users will receive a news item any time Player Ratings History setting is changed.

This is a pretty big change to the amount of information users have at draft time - we encourage you to have a conversation with your league to discuss whether to use this option or not.

Login Issues

  • Fixed issue with Roster Page login not syncing with the rest of the site.
  • Logging in one place will log you in everywhere.
  • Logins will remain active for 30 days, at which time users will be prompted to login again.

Potential Endurance

  • For consistency in ratings display, potential endurance has been added back to the player ratings information.

Standings Page Additions

  • Added 'Clinched playoffs', 'Clinched division', 'Eliminated from playoffs' notations to the standings page
  • Added current win streak information for regular season games.


  • Added news item to alert users any time Player Ratings History setting is changed in their league.
  • Added potentials and total salary to bottom of ratings history on player card
  • Added league trade block information to the team Free Agent/Trade page to increase visibility
  • Added multiselect to conditional free agent signing page, to match trade page format. (You no longer need to hold down CTRL to select multiple items on these pages.)
  • Hid scrub transactions from league transactions page to make the list easier to follow