December 2023 update

This release is scheduled for 3PM EST, 12/15/23.

Improved LWTS Calculations

Work is being done to improve our advanced stat reporting.

The first product of that is that the LWTS stat will be more accurate going forward based on each specific league.

  • LWTS (Linear Weights) is player performance metric included in base salary calculations.
  • Up until now, LWTS calculations have relied on a static formula for all leagues.
  • We are moving away from those values, and will begin independently measuring the run scoring environment for each league every season, and calculate batting LWTS from that data.
  • LWTS are a tricky thing to explain, for more information check out: LWTS Updates

Improved Tracking of Free Agent Offers

Until now, free agent offers have been deleted once the free agent is signed. We will now be retaining extensive history of free agent bidding data.
  • This will help us retrace steps when questions arise on free agent signings
  • It will also open up more possibilities for how leagues track their free agency process in the future

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Added team news item for rare situations with invalidated free agent offers.
  • Clearer messaging when leagues do/do not allow stadium changes.
  • Restricted the use of special characters in naming of teams/players/stadiums (existing names grandfathered in)
  • Limited stadium naming to 25 characters to prevent long names that break GameView