October 2023 Update

This release is scheduled for 10AM EST, 10/31/23. There should be limited downtime but we'll let you know if that changes.

Revamped Process For Requesting Teams

The process for requesting teams has been made more user-friendly.

  • Users will be able to add comments when they request a team in a private league.
  • The email sent to commissioners when a team is requested will have direct links to the team and user as well as any comments the user wants to provide, and a direct link to where the request can be accepted or declined. Commissioners will also be able to send comments when responding to the team request.
  • A 'Team Requests' link will be visible on your franchise page if you have pending requests sent.
  • Users cannot request a team if they have a current request pending in that league.

League Blurbs

The process for 'pitching your league' to owners has also been made more user-friendly.

  • Commissioners will now have the ability to add a short league description from the Commissioner Tools page.
  • That description will be linked from the "Find a League" page that lists all the leagues, and will also be visible on the league homepage, AND will pop-up whenever a user requests a team in the league.
  • Leagues can use this description to alert new users to any special rules, let people know if the league is 'new user' friendly, link to any important league posts/documents, or generally just give their pitch for users in a central location.

A lot of new users use that league list to find a league and it can be daunting - not knowing what leagues are welcoming, or what leagues have what they want. You can make that process less daunting by writing up a league blurb!

Updated Commissioner Tools Interface

The commissioners tools page has been made more commissioner-friendly. (Do you see a pattern here)

  • League Settings and Team Ownership controls are separate links.
  • League Settings contains the additional text entry option for entering League Description.
  • Team Ownership shows any pending team requests in the league, as well as updated interface for changes in team ownership.

Updated Team Season Page

  • Added RS and RA
  • Year links to the standings for that season
  • Links to Stats, Schedule, Playoffs included on the page
  • Username of owner added

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Batting order pages will reorder similar to draft order pages, ensuring no duplicates.
  • Batting order, lineup, and pitching rotation pages give uniform error messages when triggered.
  • Trade Deadline email updated for variable season lengths.
  • Added clear error if draft order updated with out-of-date information
  • Prevent owners from adding public teams when they have 20 teams in their franchise.
  • Background performance updates related to the season flip