Blast From the Past Tournament - Oct 2023



(HERE is a short video walking you through the signup process if you need)

Full Tournament Details:

Got a CSFBL/BaseHit team you loved from the last 20 years?

Wouldn't it be cool to see them get out on the field again for a little while?

We can make that happen!! You are cordially invited to join us for our first ‘Blast from the Past’ tournament, Oct 5 - Oct 8, 2023

How do I enter?

Official Tournament Rules

  • Follow the link above to the CONTEST ENTRY FORM to enter the tournament. Entries must be received by October 4th, Noon EST.
  • The first 256 entries will go into the big bracket and be eligible for the winner's prize below, and we'll adapt and run additional smaller brackets as needed.
  • Pick one team from your managerial past and the season you want to bring them back from. You can change your mind and resubmit until the deadline.
  • You'll be entered in one huge bracket, with a best-of-seven series deciding each round.
  • Your roster will be any player that saw game action after the trade deadline that season - essentially it's how the team looked at the end of that season.
  • Your team will be made available to you by October 4th - at that time you'll be able to change lineups, pitching rotations, manager settings, and stadium settings as you see fit - we're using Classic sim model. Managers can't modify their teams after each series starts, so plan accordingly for seven-games.
  • We're going to run the games throughout the day, and we should be able to make it through the bracket from Thursday to Sunday.

Trying to remember all your teams? Check your user records at -
xxxx = your userid (findable in invite email, or in the url if you point are your username)

What do I win?

Everyone that enters the contest: We will send you TWO random packs of baseball cards circa 1985-1994, no strings attached - when you register for the contest, you'll get a confirmation email that includes the link to tell us where to send the cards.

The winner of the tournament: We will send you a BOX of unopened 1987 Topps cards, surely the most beloved set of the time. You'll also be invited to chat on a podcast if you are into that kind of thing, we'll laud your victory far and wide, and you'll have fun.

The league with the highest participation: We will be making a $500 contribution to the Roberto Clemente Foundation in the name of the league from which the most teams are entered. The RCF does a lot of good work including support of free baseball clinics for kids around the country. Read more: Roberto Clemente Foundation


  • You can only enter the tournament once.
  • You must have a verified email address in our database.
  • The season you choose must have been completed before 1/1/2023.
  • You had to own the team the entire season.
  • Only teams we have full records for in the database will work - some of those early years are going to be hit or miss unfortunately.
  • Teams from some non-traditional leagues aren’t going to be eligible, to avoid some of the 'super-teams' (that means Redraft, TOC, Lineup Lockdown, Dynasty, CWS, Experiment League, Historic Replay).

Join Us

This is promotional tournament that is free to enter, that we think we can have a lot of fun with. We've had 40,000+ players of CSFBL/BaseHit over the years and our community is second to none. This tournament is a way to say thank you for the time you've spent us, and we'd love to get some old faces back that we haven't seen in awhile - if you know anybody that might enjoy dusting off one of their old teams make sure to pass this tourney info along.



How do I remember all my teams?
Easiest way is to check your user records page - if logged in, you'll see "Teams", "Records", "Timelines" option at the top, or use url
xxxx = your userid.

How do I find my userid?
It should be in the email invite you were sent, or if you right click on any of those links above, you will see your id in the URL.

What sim model are we using?
Classic sim model, that was used all those years

What if I have more questions and/or I can't get registered?
Shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help you out

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