September 2023 Update

This release is scheduled for 10AM EST, 9/7/23

Changes were recently made to split apart league sims, to move us past the days when an issue in one league could take down the sim for all leagues. This is a big undertaking, and we are still working through related issues. When a sim fails for a league, you will now see an "Admin Hold' status to differentiate situations where leagues are paused for other reasons - we also receive alerts and will send an email to the league commissioners.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Added "Admin Hold" status, to clearly indicate if leagues have been paused due to sim issue
  • Many optimizations and reorganizations towards improving sim reliability
  • Roster page will sort descending by default
  • Player links open as new tabs on Roster pages and all pages (did you notice?)
  • Improved messaging for verification of email for new users

Tournament Updates

  • 'Blast from the Past' tournament announcement soooon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Roster page OPS sort bug
  • Roster page '100' sort bug
  • Fixed duplicate rows on merged league lineup pages